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  • Isolate Make: Creative Resilience in a Pandemic

    26 November - 27 January 2021

    Isolate Make?explores how nine creative practitioners have adapted to isolation, associated restrictions and production challenges, or simply in response to the tragic global events.?

  • Design | Isolate

    26 November - 27 January 2021

    60+ designers/creative thinkers document their thoughts on Covid-19, isolation, what ‘a new normal’ Australia might look like in a handmade journal with sketches, diagrams, collage and text.?

  • Object Space : Patterns In-between

    26 November - 27 January 2021

    Bic Tieu is a Sydney-based designer and maker?of contemporary craft, jewellery and objects. Patterns In-between?is Bic Tieu’s self-examination as a Southeast Asian?Australian?woman?living between two cultures.

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    ADC Travelling Exhibitions

    Since the 1970s ADC has toured nationally and been at the forefront of providing regional Australia with access to cutting edge work and ideas. Find out about our travelling exhibition program here.

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    We are a leading centre for contemporary craft and design in Australia. We play a critical role in building a significant design culture for this country by nurturing a nation of innovative makers and thinkers and inspiring audiences to use design in their lives.

  • Object Digital

    Australian Design Centre's ideas hub

    Delve into articles, essays, films and interviews covering a huge range of craft and design on Object Digital.?

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    ADC enables craftspeople and designers to reach their full potential by presenting exhibitions and programs demonstrating excellence in craft and design and investigating possibilities to transform the future.

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